Sabtu, 22 November 2014

Handy Tips on Fashion and Beauty

Top Fashion Blogs Nowadays, internet users with a weak spot for fashion can find a lot of Top Fashion Blogs to suit their tastes. A will typically give the reader handy fashion tips, some tips on how to mix and match, a list of trendy dresses and shoes, hot news from the fashion world to keep them updated, and makeup tips to complement and enhance the beautiful outfits and shoes. The blog Super Fashionable by Ananda has all of these, and that is what makes it one of the Top Fashion Blogs. Let us take a quick look at what Ananda has posted in her blog to make it such a hit. First, the blog is visually appealing, written in neat, easy English and has a warm, welcoming tone. If you are in love with shoes, this blog has a thing to offer to every fashionista. If you have a huge bank balance, or a heavy allowance, shoes by Valentino or Charlotte Olympia are just right for you. However, those with a tighter budget need not fear, clever ananda comes to the rescue- get cheaper look-alike versions of beautiful Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Get excellent beauty tips from this blog- how to rock plum lip stick, lip stains, and eye makeup. Best Fashion Blogs With so many fashion blogs available on the internet, users might wonder which ones to rely on. As too little choice can leave one feeling confined, too many can also result in confusion. So how do you choose the best? Here is how. Look at the range of tips offered. A good fashion blog must always cater to a wide range of viewers, and not confine itself to people of a particular background, budget or taste. Yes, the taste of the blogger will always be reflected in his/her blog, but a good fashion blog must try to address as many people as it can. Best will always talk about the latest trends, and guide you to achieve those looks. News and pictures from the fashion world always refreshes its viewers. Handy makeup tips are also welcome. Again, the blogger must not address people with a particular facial structure or skin type. Super Fashionable addresses a variety of women, and combines helpful makeup tips, assembled outfits, latest news about the world of fashion, and news about fashion sales. Beauty Blogs Everyone wants to look beautiful and young. You may end up spending a lot on makeup articles, and not know what to do with them. There are a chain of beauty blogs on the internet, but the trick is to find which bloggers to rely on. Checking out the number of followers might be a good idea. But if you do not want to waste time, Super fashionable comes to the rescue. This blog has a special section on beauty tips, which offer you useful information regarding the latest trends as well as time-tested makeup tips. Learn useful tips on makeup application and brushes and utilize your makeup articles to the fullest. Also learn how to fix your broken compact and apply mascara to make your eyelashes look thicker and longer without the hassle of false lashes.

Jumat, 21 November 2014

Safari Inspired Fashion and how to look your best

This spring/summer is showing a Safari inspired fashion trend, which may appeal to some more than others. If you are going to follow this particular trend, it is important to find the best shades and shapes to suit your natural colouring and body shape. The earthy, natural colours are perfect for "Softs", which can blend different shades of the same colour to get the perfect look. Look out for sand, taupe, beige, cream, stone, coffee brown and chocolate. If you want to go wild, how about adding a bit of muted animal print? Safari isn't exclusively for "Softs"; other groups can manipulate the safari look by adding different colours. "Lights" can wear the lighter safari colours, such as sand or cream and team them with pastels. Pink or pale apricot and sand or taupe can be stunning on a blonde. These colours will not over power your light colouring. "Warms" will look very up to date matching orange or warm red with khaki or taupe. The yellow undertones of the orange will give warmth to the neutral colours and enhance your natural colouring. "Cools" need to keep to neutral colours, mixed with colours that have a blue undertone. Pink and taupe, as I mentioned earlier look great but for "cools" the colours need to be stronger. "Deeps" will look fabulous in dark chocolate brown put together with pewter and a dark sand or a deep rich red. As long as the colours are dark and not pastel, they will look stunning. "Clears" look their best in contrasting colours, so make sure the neutrals you choose are on opposite ends of the spectrum. For example dark chocolate brown, with pale sand or black/brown with cream. Zebra print could be an amazing look. Now you have the colours sorted, what about the designs? Which styles will suit your body shape? The safari theme is perfect for "Lean Columns" with all the pocket detail around the hips and bust. "Hourglasses" can show their lovely waists off, by belting in jackets, but beware of too many pockets if you have a "full hourglass" figure, they can add inches to your silhouette. "Triangles" can maximise their narrow shoulders with plenty of detail on the top half, but remember to avoid pockets around the hips on the trousers or skirt. "Rectangles" will look great in safari inspired trousers and skirts with pockets but need to avoid belted jackets. "Inverted Triangles" can have detail on their narrow hips but need to minimise bulk around their shoulders. When shopping, remember you don't have to wear the full safari kit. Just pick bits that suit you. For example mixing a safari inspired jacket with a floral dress could look very chic and individual.

Kamis, 20 November 2014

Shop Online for Abaya And Jilbab - Fashion And Tradition

In today's world, shopping online for clothes has become an accepted daily activity for both men and women. Clothing is one of the first attributes that we notice while getting to understand a culture different from our own. Along with being a proud part of a rich culture, Islamic men and women also stand apart for their graceful yet traditional attires. Abaya and Jilbab are two popular kinds of clothing that are available to Islamic women. An Abaya is a long, loosely fitted cloak that covers the body below the shoulder except the hands and the feet. Abayas can be termed as an "over-garment" which can be worn over your outfit. A jilbab is akin to an abaya in that it is also worn over an outfit much like an overcoat. However, a jilbab grants room for fashion and arty expression from a designer's point of view. Several luxury labels like Dior, Blumarine, John Galliano and Hind Beljafla have come up with their own versions of Abaya and Jilbab. With the facility of online shopping, there has been a trend of making a variety of cultural clothing styles made available for the women. Let us take a moment to explore popular types of Islamic clothing like Abaya and Jilbab, which are in vogue today. Statistics have proved that half of the consumers today, prefer shopping for fashion accessories and clothing online. Thus, it is vital to admit that buying clothing online has earned its place in the competitive business environment. One of the biggest benefits of buying clothes online is that you can make your purchase at any time of the day or night. In case you are normally busy with work and home schedules, it means that you may not even have the time to do some shopping for apparel. Buying your clothes online is just the perfect solution. You can search for a clothing e-store and purchase beautiful and trendy apparel for your family or for yourself. For those of you who would like to purchase an exquisitely made Abaya online at a reasonable price, there are many online stores like ours which make the abaya online and thus available in hundreds of designs, textures and fabric. State-of-the-art technology has even made it feasible for customers to choose their very own style, fabric, embroidery and size based on which made-to-measure abayas are crafted and delivered worldwide. Similarly, you can buy Jilbab online too. Shopping online can prove to be a money saving option. Online shopping setups often do not require the maintenance of a physical presence in the market, in terms of an actual shop. This enables them to avoid a number of costs and overheads. Such cost savings are usually channelled back to the customers in terms of discounts and special offers. For buying Abaya online and , please refer to the trusted online shopping stores offering Islamic Clothing range and accessories such as handbags, purses, clutches, hijabs, scarves, stoles and much more.

Rabu, 19 November 2014

The Latest Hairstyle Fashion and Beauty Trends of the Stars of the Red Carpet

As Jonathon of the hit new series Blowout says your hair will make you or break you. No where is this more true then on the red carpet. Sport a great dress or outfit and hair and you will be on the cover of nearly every magazine. Sport a bad hairstyle and be on People's magazine list of worst dressed and red carpet tragedies. This is why most celebrities have celebrity hairstylists and pay thousands for a cut and style. Some even fly their stylist with them everywhere they go as part of their entourage. A great hairstyle and beauty treatment has become as important, if not more so than the elegant and very expensive designer dresses and outfits. The question is what are the current hot hairstyle and beauty trends being sported on the red carpet? Some are old time favorites, and others are quite surprising. The summer classic up-do is a hot item as it shows off sexy necks and jewelry (like necklaces and earrings) well. Demi Moore wore it well in the hit movie An officer and a Gentleman. Gweneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz are almost always seen with this hairstyle. It is classy and elegant when done right. It works best with normal, medium length hair and light makeup and jewelry. Heavy, big jewelry is out, sheek, pure elegance and beauty are in with this style. The shaggy and layered hairstyle. According to Allure magazine, this is the one hairstyle and fashion trend that can make anyone look good and it will work on just about everyone, regardless of face shape. Basically this hairstyle will add volume to your hair and creates a frame for your face. Heidi Klum wore it well during an episode of her hit show Runway. Several stars like Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet have been seen sporting this do. This is yet another low makeup and easy maintenance hairstyle. Simplicity is key here so light jewelry works best. A simple leather strap necklace and pendant will work wonders. This hairstyle has been also referred to as sexy bed head, or the after sex do. Long, sexy waves. Perms are out, but the secret fashion trend in the hottest salons is salt spraying. Don't wash the hair everyday as dirty hair is easier to manage. Get the hair damp and use salt water in a spray to bring out the wavy curls. According to the salons, everyone's hair has some natural waves and patterns and this will bring this out and magnify it. Don't think its hot, just look at the sexiest vixens of the red carpet like Jessica Alba and Shakira. They wear this style very well. Again, simplicity is key, no heavy makeup and light jewelry work best. Again a simple black or brown leather strap necklace with a simple locket or amulet adds mystery and will make it that much hotter. So skip the perm and first try spritzing sea salt on damp hair, scrunching hair & letting air dry. Since most hair has some sort of natural wave, the sea salt will bring it out. The bullet. This is the latest fashion trend transformed offspring of the 80's mullet and fullet with a dominant and forceful business touch. It's the short female business do and is popular with very dominant women. It's a short hairstyle that shows the world you are a female and are in control. You will find it on Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, Ellen Degeneres, and Rosie O'Donnell. It is believed to have been first worn by Prince back in the early 80's on his Purple Rain tour. These hairstyles fashion trends are all easy do's and don't require heavy makeup or jewelry. Simplicity is key and heavy or big gaudy jewelry is out. A simple leather strap on a sexy, thin neck like Jessica Alba is all that is needed with these fashion trends. These hairstyles and fashion trends will remain big for the rest of 2006 and into 2007.

Benefits of Wearing Fashionable and Branded Sunglasses

Earlier glasses were not considered and admired as a common accessory for women. However toady fashionable sunglasses are personally accepted and well-liked by every individual. You can add glamour and enhance your personality by carrying a simple pair of fashionable sunglasses. Nowadays you can buy a trendy pair of glasses online as well as the same kind is now available at your nearest stores. Its various benefits and can be recommended to your friends, family and colleagues as well. You will come across numerous pair of branded glasses at these stores that offer huge variety of such sunglasses that are specially manufactured and designed for kids, men and women‚¬ Indeed there are some who do not find the use of wearing branded glares and consider it to be a waste of money or an exceptional part of accessory that can be overlooked at. However, there are ample of reasons that can help add beauty and grace to your personality and by simply wearing a pair of one cool and colored glass can enhance the charm of one's persona. Adding to this is its various benefits and can be recommended to your friends, family and colleagues as well. Here are some of the tips that you must remember as these can help you buy the best and fashionable branded sunglasses:' Generally, we have seen people prefer wearing brands like Ray Ban or Armani to add that elegance and sophistication to their appearance. In such a shopaholic and fashionable scenario one must understand the need to be update and sound with the latest trend. There are a huge variety of brands that offer affordable sunglasses however that particular style and classic look at a reasonable price is bit tricky to find. But thanks to Vision Specialist that offers its customers with a range of unique, stylish and most importantly reasonable priced glasses. The company's focus on getting in more stuff rather than considering the quality of stock available in their store. In such a case you must be assured about the companies policies and assure the warranty and kind of chemicals being used in its manufacturing. You can choose any one from the huge range of Versace or Christian Dior and have that classic and spectacular look which is alive forever. So opt for pairs that provide you more sexy and sheer elegance that you always dreamt of once with Vision, the only place to make your style look more real and unique!!

Fashion and Beauty

What goes on in the mind of every woman these days is how beautiful and stylish. They share the same feeling every designer who thinks of new creations, which are in vogue. But what makes fashion interesting is the fact that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. This is a valid statement? Let's see. As soon as man learned to love beauty, fashion has come to the image in society. Acquired its position quickly and consistently. Time evolves with fashion and beauty. Fashion goes with the story. You can distinguish the facts of history through the fashion statement of their character. Out of time, I can say about that society through its path. You can tell if your in the West or East. Indeed, fashion has made its mark in history. Today, fashion has been linked to beauty. It is almost certain that whatever is in fashion can be considered beautiful. Everyone wants to express your personality and feelings through fashion. fashion statement is how a person goes with the flow of society and personal expression. Sometimes dictate how someone can be beautiful to others. Our fashion statement also means that our origin. Each country has a different style of fashion. They say that fashion is for the exclusive use of the elite. Well, if you look at the famous fashion icons, their customers are upper-class society. Besides the ability to spend lots of money, which is the best person to keep pace with rapid changes in fashion sense, even abroad. Without the costume fashion statement, we can represent the beauty sufficient perception of the other. What people think of us plays an important role in that fashion is concerned. Beauty starts from within. The optimism and confidence will surely make us beautiful. When we believe that these positive emotions of beauty, we can be ready to be fashionable. This shows that whatever a person with a safe, as long as he or she is able to stand in the crowd with grace, fashion is never questioned. If money is a problem, you can not afford fancy dress fashionable to start beautifying themselves. You can start the hair. It is believed that man is crowned. In fact, it is! Imagine wearing clothes more expensive high-end without combing and brushing your hair, you do not do fashion, because you win the disorder. Conversely, even if you're wearing a simple dress, whether to give the crown to shine so you can outsmart the fashion icons. beauty and fashion when combined can have a real meaning is the best in both areas. It starts by simply touching the trust ends, then, imagine the excitement of the crowd.

Selasa, 18 November 2014

Fashion Designers Boutique

Mary Quant was one of the first designers to open up to the world her ideas on a hanger in the fashion industry when she opened up her boutique Bazaar in 1955 on London Kings Road. The sixties symbolised liberalism and freedom of expression. Fashion designers were now experimenting and breaking the classical mould of the use of material now trying various textiles to achieve innovating shapes, patterns, colours and most of all the imagination to think outside the box. Below are a number of Fashion designers that helped to shaped and influence the fashion styles you see in the high street. There are so many not mentioned but the designers below give a broad spectrum of innovation that is still evolving through our present designers and new designers that are emerging worldwide. Fashion has reached too globally thanks to the media and TV portal, and with this we are privileged to know more designers that have been inspirational of the 21st century. With this insight we know have a global event of fashion shows from Europe, United States, Banana Republic to the United Kingdom. We have models that are now reaching epic proportions and all because of the power of the press. You now have the catwalk queen for best model; you have face of the year, movies, endorsements, advertisements, shopping mall shows and sponsorship deals. The life of the model is in healthy hands. But unfortunately life on the high street for the Boutique has almost lost its very meaning, the same boutiques that today's fashion shops have based themselves upon. The Boutique represented the specialization of elite and fashionable items such as the new emerging local designers clothing, occasion wear & evening dresses and Handcrafted Jewellery, one-off pieces that gives the customer a sense of individuality. Instead the majority of these elite shops have succumbed to the mass market selling of generic catwalk copies and unfortunately a victim of the high street decline due to the economic fall in the market. The high street boutique was once a place that you could measure yourself in a stylish sense of the word of the latest fashion trend. We have the talented designers the ideas, but not the high street portal to showcase the styles in fashion that everyone once benchmarked them too. The Boutique Designers want their own place of distinction back; they don't want to find their fashion pieces of art clustered in a store of mass market production on the high street in well-known high street stores that are selling them in the very same style of a boutique. Women's wear clothing were distinctly unique, proudly hanging off a fancy styled hanger, created, designed couture garment, proudly showing the skills of our local home grown talent. With the boutique fashion marketing was done by word of mouth, the differing fabrics and subtle colours within a design made proud an individual designers apparel clothing something to be proud of! But now designers due to the shortage of retail shops are reduced to the power of the likes of Debenhams to succumb to producing a fashion line of mass market fashion lines! These big stores power their way around and control designers as they just pepper pot designer's work of art all about the shop floor and make out as though they were produced by themselves. Designers are herded like sheep into the shop front arena of the big high street and Retail units! So the next time you browse around the shopping store (mall), notice how many fashion designer names there are, you will be pleasantly surprised! Counterculture Although distinct countercultural undercurrents have existed in many societies from time to time, here the term "counterculture" refers to a more significant, visible phenomenon that reaches critical mass, flowers and persists for a period of time. A countercultural movement expresses the ethos, aspirations, and dreams of a specific population during an era. As with any counter culture revolution, it normally flowers with the youth and eventually blossoms to the social mainstream with such innovative effect. The coming counter culture evolution is something in society that was simmering in the background detected but not given any credence. We are talking about a change that was once voluntary in the concept of thought amongst people but is now becoming more apparent with the media coverage around the world of events and scientific updates warning of the planets decline attributed by the worlds over use of consumerism and manufacturing. We have the atmosphere ozone damage, climate changes, mineral resources shortages, energy resources declining, textile materials diminishing. Alternate Clothes and textiles - Organic textiles Replacing cotton with organic textiles is slowly being marketed by the likes of UK Soil Association. Other Clothing items can be manufactured It's not just cotton - organic leather jackets and sheepskin rugs are available, and you can even knit your own jumpers using organic wool. The Soil Association has formed an organic directory that lists a category of textiles and companies certified by them. Report from the Soil Association July 2012 €The green products that can make you look and feel good too! The beauty and fashion industry is sometimes criticised for being vain and destructive, but shop smartly and you can find clothes and products that neither harm the natural world nor exploit the people that make them. Look for the Soil Association symbol, which certifies that garments meet Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), the international gold standard for organic textiles€.